Signature Scenes: Hannibal Dinner And Cheddar Goblin Double Feature

by "Penguin" Pete Trbovich on October 31st, 2018 | , | , ,

For those of you stuffing your face with Halloween candy today, we figure the perfect way to terrify you is to spoil your appetite for actual food. So we’re doing a double feature today, because it’s Halloween and we can do what we damn please.

First off, November 1st is “National Men Make Dinner Day.” We frequently post these quirky holidays on our various social media channels as an excuse to tie in with some horror movie in an unexpected way, but this time we’re doing it in a blog post with a link for citation so you know we don’t just make these up. This time.

What else could be appropriate for that occasion but the master chef of horror himself, Hannibal Lecter?

I dunno why Hannibal wasn’t better liked by fans of the franchise. And normally I’m death incarnate on sequels, so get your camera out when I defend one! Granted, it is not Silence of the Lambs, and Anthony Hopkins was a little too winky and twinkly to be much menace. Still, this circus of debauchery gave us Ridley Scott directing in a fine Italian location, Gary Oldman as an unforgettable disfigured horror, and this scene, an off-beat concerto of disturbing events and crackling witty lines.

But moving along, perhaps you prefer your dinner ambiance to be less formal. Luckily, Mandy has you covered. While some of us (MEEEE!) haven’t fully forgiven Nicholas Cage for what he did to The Wicker Man, this surprise psychedelic revenge hit did give the world one character that’s gone viral on its own: The Cheddar Goblin TV commercial Cage watches in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene.

Yeah, apparently a lot of people were on the fence about seeing Mandy, but the Cheddar Goblin won them over. It’s a viral hit. There’s vloggers out there interviewing Cheddar Goblin like the rest of the movie never happened. Cheddar Goblin gets a whole oral history. Cheddar Goblin has his own Twitter! Oh, do please stop, I can’t possibly squee any harder, I’ll rupture my prostate!

IMNSHO, I really don’t much care who Nicholas Cage goes out to avenge or how many Black Skulls he kills. We live in Cheddar Goblin’s world now. From this day forward, macaroni and cheese is an official Halloween dinner. Cheddar Goblin needs his own spin-off series. I want to buy the comic. I want to be in a theater watching Cheddar Goblin vs. Hobgoblins right now and why isn’t this happening yet?

The name’s Goblin. Cheddar Goblin. May he eternally barf pasta and gooey cheese goodness onto our heads forever, amen!

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