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Wicked Weekend – August 31

by "Penguin" Pete Trbovich on August 31st, 2018 | |

Every Friday, we scare up a weekend entertainment guide for horror freaks. See what fresh meat’s on the hook for this long Labor Day weekend! It’s just 61 days until Halloween!

In Theaters This Weekend

The Little Stranger

Opens this weekend. This atmospheric Gothic-style tale of a family on the decline and hiding a secret has been on our radar for awhile. Burgeoning director Lenny Abrahamson is taking on his first horror feature here, but he’s already made his mark with creative weirdness such as 2014’s off-beat Frank.

Blood Fest

Opens this weekend. This rowdy thriller about teens attending a horror festival gone wrong has been getting a lot of buzz. It looks like a fun movie made by people who appreciate horror fandom.

The Meg

See our Worth Watching review here.

This shark movie is turning out to be the surprise horror blockbuster of the summer, which just goes to show what Jaws already proved long ago: when it comes to sharks, the summer audience’s appetite is insatiable!

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

A comedy-horror farce in which a puppet auction turns into a bloodbath when all the puppets come to life to commit a massacre. It’s been getting a lot of underground buzz, indicating a sleeper cult hit.

Down a Dark Hall

This supernatural thriller takes place at a girl’s boarding school and stars Uma Thurman.

Summer of 84

A Stranger Things-inspired take on neighborhood kids who suspect their neighbor is a serial killer.

Unfriended: Dark Web

The horrors of social media get explored again in this stand-alone sequel to the 2014 film Unfriended.

In Other News

Salem Horror Fest  will kick off the month of October, and you can start getting tickets now. The preview showing of the new Halloween reboot has already sold out, which goes to show you’d better get in while the getting’s good!

How about Halloween in book form? The novelization of 2018’s Halloween is also out from Dark Delicacies publishing. Yes, we’re a movie site, but we sometimes read in between movies.

Las Vegas, Nevada: A new escape room themed after the Saw franchise has opened in Las Vegas. It’s a whole live action experience which looks well worth a ticket! Full coverage here.

Looking for some fun horror entertainment that goes beyond the big screen? This weekend carve out some time to listen into the Nightmare 365 podcast where two brothers (Matt & Greg) explore the unexplained, mysterious and the spookiness that lives among us. Nobody believes them, but Nightmare 365 is the center of weirdness for the entire planet! They cover topics ranging from Bigfoot, UFO’s, Monsters, Unsolved Mysteries and all the weirdness. Check out their latest episode or binge all previous episodes on their YouTube channel.

Weekend Watchlist @ AllHorror

See our ever-expanding list of full horror movies hosted right here on AllHorror! We have over 320 movies and counting, adding more every week. From cult classics to obscure treasures to cheesy trash, if it’s legally online, we’re embedding it. A couple new additions to this collection we may suggest…

Black Sunday (1960) – We recently beefed up our Mario Bava coverage, which includes this vintage horror classic rated 7.3 on IMDB and 85% on RT, available for free embedded viewing on the house. Can you argue with Mario Bava for free? You’d better not!

Campfire Stories (2001) – On the very last day of summer, we’ve added this cozy anthology of stories each by different directors. Wave goodbye to summer, say hello to Horror Season!

Have a Horrific Weekend!

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