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Wicked Weekend – August 17

by "Penguin" Pete Trbovich on August 17th, 2018 | |

Every Friday, we’ll try to scare up a weekend entertainment guide for horror freaks. See what fresh meat’s on the hook this week!

In Theaters This Weekend

Down a Dark Hall

Releases this weekend, surprise! This supernatural thriller takes place at a girl’s boarding school and stars Uma Thurman.

The Meg

See our Worth Watching review here.

This shark movie is turning out to be the surprise horror blockbuster of the summer, which just goes to show what Jaws already proved long ago: when it comes to sharks, the summer audience’s appetite is insatiable!

Slender Man

See our Worth Watching review here.

See our guest review at Horror Galore.

This creepy horror based on Internet urban legend has been the box office underdog so far, but meh, could still be worth a try.

The First Purge

While it made a big showing on its July 4th premiere, this latest entry in the Purge franchise is still proving to be a cathartic experience for politically-aware viewers.

Unfriended: Dark Web

The horrors of social media get explored again in this stand-alone sequel to the 2014 film Unfriended.

Horror at Home

6-Headed Shark Attack

See our coverage here.

The latest in the over-the-top shark horror series is premiering this Saturday on SyFy network, which is also showing the rest of the series in an all-day marathon.

In Other News

Las Vegas, Nevada: A new escape room themed after the Saw franchise has opened in Las Vegas. It’s a whole live action experience which looks well worth a ticket! Full coverage here.

Looking for some fun horror entertainment that goes beyond the big screen? This weekend carve out some time to listen into the Nightmare 365 podcast where two brothers (Matt & Greg) explore the unexplained, mysterious and the spookiness that lives among us. Nobody believes them, but Nightmare 365 is the center of weirdness for the entire planet! They cover topics ranging from Bigfoot, UFO’s, Monsters, Unsolved Mysteries and all the weirdness. Check out their latest episode or binge all previous episodes on their YouTube channel.

Weekend Watchlist

Roar (1981) – We recently added this insanity, reasoning that real-life injuries and blood beats out fake CGI horror any day. The back-story behind this movie is more interesting than the movie itself, so be sure to check out the supplemental videos we dug up too. Then sit back and cringe while people who obviously have no idea what they’re doing get almost killed by barely-tamed, untrained exotic pets! You can watch the full movie right here at All Horror!

Frankenstein Island (1981)So bad it’s good! See our slap-happy review here and watch it this weekend on Amazon Prime. You can also watch the full movie right here at All Horror!

Have a Horrific Weekend!

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