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Music Corner

The Autopsy of Jane Doe Soundtrack Is Coming to Vinyl

If you fell madly in love with The Autopsy of Jane Doe when it debuted back in 2016, you’re definitely not alone. Millions celebrated the film for its incredible performances and stellar writing. However, it was the film’s dark, menacing ambience…

December 27th, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

The Slashstreet Boys Is Your Halloween Viral Video

Just in case anything else hasn’t yet carved a smile in your pumpkin this festive season, we present The Merkins, with their new hit “I’ll Kill You That Way,” by the ‘Slashstreet Boys.’ The Merkins are apparently producers, their name bei…

Music Corner: Sing Along With Freddy Krueger

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) launched the franchise that as good as defined 1980s horror, while also being concurrent with the MTV generation. By the late ‘80s, music videos had blended with film until there was hardly a line to separate them (…

September 25th, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , |

Music Corner: “Venus In Furs” by The Velvet Underground

We’re revisiting Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem in anticipation of his upcoming film. In that review, we have to zoom in on the song “Venus In Furs,” used in the movie’s soundtrack, because there’s just too much of a nexus of cool layers…

September 06th, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , |

Music Corner: The Waterphone

What, you might ask, is a “waterphone”? Is it something you use to talk to mermaids? No, actually, it’s a musical instrument, and though you’ve probably never heard of it, its sound will be instantly recognizable to you if you’re a horror m…

September 03rd, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , |

Music Corner – Monster Mash (1962 novelty song)

Normally here at the Satellite of Love, we only blog about music used in horror movies. Buuuut, this is a special occasion. Next Friday, August 30th, is Frankenstein Day, by way of being author Mary Shelley’s birthday. And her novel, Frankenstein; …

August 27th, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , , |

The Five Sexiest Dance Scenes in Horror

“Sexy” and “horror” aren’t usually two words associated with each other. But there’s definitely an allure of eroticism always hanging around the fringe of horror culture. Horror TV hostesses like Elvira and Vampira set the standard for se…

August 14th, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , |

Music Corner – Black Sabbath (1963)

“Do YOU believe in ghosts?” So begins the trailer for the cheerfully spooky 1963 anthology film Black Sabbath, which is best known today as the inspiration for the band of the same name. The band was originally called Earth, but coming out of a c…

July 28th, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , |

Music Corner – Death Proof (2007) Lap Dance Scene

Great taste in soundtrack music is one of director Quentin Tarantino’s signature traits, and Death Proof (2007) continues the tradition. When you’re done re-playing the video and drooling over Vanessa Ferlito’s sexy gyrations, come back here.

July 23rd, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , |

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