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Psycho (1998) Review

Psycho was directed by Gus Van Sant and stars Vince Vaughn (from The Cell), Anne Heche (from Nothing Left To Fear) and Julianne Moore (from Carrie, Shelter, The Forgotten). It’s the same exact movie as the original Psycho from 1960, virtually frame f…

Psycho 4: The Beginning (1990) Review

Psycho 4: The Beginning was directed by Mick Garris (who also directed Valerie on the Stairs, Desperation, Sleepwalkers) and stars Anthony Perkins (from I’m Dangerous Tonight, Psycho III, Psycho II, Psycho), Henry Thomas (from Gerald’s Game, Don’t Lo…

Psycho 3 (1986) Review

Psycho 3 was directed by Anthony Perkins and stars Anthony Perkins (from Psycho, Psycho III, Psycho IV: The Beginning), Diana Scarwid (from What Lies Beneath, The Ladies Club, Strange Invaders) and Jeff Fahey (from The Last Light, Planet Terror, Corp…

Psycho 2 (1983) Review

Psycho II was directed by Richard Franklin (who also directed Visitors, Roadgames and Patrick) and stars Anthony Perkins (from Psycho, Psycho III, Psycho IV: The Beginning), Vera Miles (from The Initiation, Brainwaves, The Spirit is Willing) and Meg…

The Wind (2019) Review

The Wind was directed by Emma Tammi and stars Caitlin Gerard (from Insidious: The Last Key, Smiley), Julia Goldani Telles (from Slender Man) and Dylan Mctee (from Midnighters). It’s about a woman living a lonely life on the prairie who finds herself …

Greta (2019) Review

Greta was directed by Neil Jordan (who also directed Byzantium, In Dreams, Interview With The Vampire and The Company Of Wolves) and stars Chloë Grace Moretz (from Suspiria, Carrie, Let Me In, Hallowed Ground, Room 6), Maika Monroe (from Tau, It F…

March 05th, 2019 | | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Spider Baby (1967) Review

Spider Baby was directed by Jack Hill (who also directed Alien Terror and Isle of the Snake People) and stars Lon Chaney Jr. (from Witchcraft), Carol Ohmart (from House of Haunted Hill), Quinn K. Redeker and the horror legend Sid Haig (from many ho…

January 02nd, 2019 | | Horror Genre: , , , ,

The Devil’s Candy Review (2017)

The Devil’s Candy was directed by Sean Byrne (who also directed The Loved Ones) and stars Ethan Embry (from Convergence), Shiri Appleby and , Pruitt Taylor Vince (from Creature). It’s about a father and working artist who becomes a marionette f…

It Comes At Night Review (2017)

It Comes At Night was directed by Trey Edward Shults and stars Joel Edgerton (from The Gift), Christopher Abbott and Carmen Ejogo (from Alien: Covenant). Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, a man has establish…

November 19th, 2018 | | Horror Genre: , , , ,

The Shining Review (1980)

The Shining was directed by Stanley Kubrick and stars Jack Nicholson (from Wolf), Shelley Duvall (from The 4th Floor) and Danny Lloyd. It’s about a man who brings his family to a haunted hotel while working as its winter caretaker.
He came as the…

Psycho Review (1960)

Psycho was directed by Alfred Hitchcock (who also directed The Birds and Frenzy) and stars Anthony Perkins (from I’m Dangerous Tonight), Vera Miles (from The Initiation) and John Gavin (from Jennifer). It’s about an encounter between an embezzling …

Mandy (2018) Worth Watching?

Mandy was directed by Panos Cosmatos (who also directed Beyond the Black Rainbow) and stars Nicolas Cage (from The Wicker Man and Pay The Ghost), Andrea Riseborough (from Hidden), Richard Brake (from Hannibal Rising and Outpost) and Linus Roach…

Winchester (2018) Worth Watching?

Winchester was directed by Michael Spierig (who also directed Daybreakers and Undead) and Peter Spierig (who also directed Jigsaw and Predestination), stars Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke (from Trust) and Sarah Snook (from Jessabelle). It’ss about an h…

Evil Ed Review (1995)

Evil Ed was directed by Anders Jacobsson and stars Johan Rudebeck, Per Löfberg and Olof Rhodin. It’s about a film editor who snaps after having to edit too many cheesy horror films.
When His Mind Blows … Anything Goes!
There are quite a few m…

August 07th, 2018 | | Horror Genre: , , ,

Eraserhead Review (1977)

Eraserhead was directed by David Lynch (who also directed Blue Velvet and Lost Highway) and stars Jack Nance (from Voodoo), Charlotte Stewart (from Tremors) and Allen Joseph. It’s about a young couple who start a family and come to regret it.

Audition Review (1999)

Audition was directed by Takashi Miike and stars Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi Shiina and  Jun Kunimura. It’s about a lonely Japanese widower being set up for a date by his friend, which goes horribly wrong when he meets a psycho.
She always gets a part

June 26th, 2018 | | Horror Genre: , , , ,

Temple Review (2017)

Temple was directed by Michael Barrett and stars Logan Huffman (from Final Girl), Brandon Sklenar and Natalia Warner. It’s a about a group of Americans who travel to rural Japan in search of obscure religious and cultural sights.

Temple star…

Still/Born Review (2017)

Still/Born was directed by Brandon Christensen and stars Christie Burke (from Crowsnest), Jesse Moss (from Wolfcop and Tucker & Dale vs Evil) and Rebecca Olson. It’s about a young mom who loses one of her twins during childbirth and become…

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