28 Weeks Later Review (2007)

28 Weeks Later

by Yo Adrian on May 02nd, 2018 | |

28 Weeks Later was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (who also directed Intruders) and stars Robert Carlyle (from Trainspotting), Imogen Poots and Jeremy Renner. This sequel to 28 Days Later starts 28 weeks after 28 days after the 1st day the Rage virus first devoured England. This time the UN military forces start to let the first people back into the city, only a little too soon..

When days turn to weeks… the horror returns.

28 Weeks Later

Several months after the original rage virus wiped out England, joint military starts letting people back into one specific district of London. Why only one specific district? Well, because it was the only district that was cleared of dead bodies, sanitized and deemed safe to inhabit. The rest of England was still littered with rotting bodies and infection, but they put up signs telling people not the leave the safe zone, so no worries there!

Oh, well there were these two kids who easily snuck out to wander the city alone. They inevitably stumble on someone still infected who is later taken back into the safe zone and left unguarded. But they locked the door to anyone without security clearance, so no worries there!

Oh, so there’s this guy with security clearance who goes in, gets infected, runs out of the unguarded room, infects others, who infect others, who infect others.

28 Weeks delivers what fans wanted from the sequel, more rageful zombies and a valiant attempt to escape them. What 28 Weeks also delivered, however, is rageful frustration. I watched it with the family and we were all basically shouting and the screen the whole time. I understand that balls need to be dropped in order to allow a plot to play out, but this movie just pushed it to a whole other level.

I enjoyed it for the whole rage virus thing, but that was about it. The atmosphere and style that made 28 Days so great was absent from this sequel. Overall 28 Weeks has a more Hollywood feel which was disappointing.

The one interesting thing I’d like to point out is that it went a different direction with the common American military saving the day story line. In this one, the American military flies in and actually screws everything up and the UN military has to swoop in and save the day. Didn’t see that one coming!

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