Tales from the Hood 2 Hits DVD This October

Tales from the Hood 2 Hits DVD This October

by Dusan on August 03rd, 2018 | |

Jordan Peele’s modern masterpiece, Get Out may not have been the first “socially woke” horror film, but it’s definitely been one of the most influential. It’s not only been starting conversations aplenty since its initial January 2017 release, but it’s certainly inspired studios everywhere to jump on the bandwagon themselves and create something similar before the craze is over.

Naturally, most of those films won’t resonate with audiences nearly as well as Get Out did, but there are a few promising exceptions to get excited about. One of them is Tales from the Hood 2, the much anticipated sequel to 1995’s Tales to the Hood. The original Tales was a witty and very watchable urban take on the classic Tales from the Crypt, a film that was well ahead of its time back in the 90’s. It’s also widely considered by genre fans to be among the best anthology-style films ever made.

It may have taken 20 years for a sequel to come to fruition, but better late than never. Excited fans can check it out for themselves on DVD, Blu-Ray, and On Demand when it drops from Universal 1440 Entertainment on October 2, 2018. Like its predecessor, Tales from the Hood 2 will introduce viewers to four brand new chilling tales to love. Each storyline will balance bone-chilling terror with witty humor and socially relevant commentary that’s in step with our times.

We’re also excited to announce that Tales from the Hood 2 reunites executive producer and industry legend Spike Lee with the writing/production/directing team of Darin Scott and Rusty Cundieff, so we definitely expect it to measure up. The film made its official premiere last month at the 22nd Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Quebec to the tune of positive feedback as well, especially from fans of the original. Add it to your own Halloween season must-see list this fall!

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