John Carpenter’s Halloween on 4K Blu-Ray This September

John Carpenter’s Halloween on 4K Blu-Ray This September

by Dusan on August 04th, 2018 | |

John Carpenter fans have had their fingers crossed for a while now over rumors that slasher classic, Halloween would soon be getting a 4K Ultra release. As of this week, they officially have the confirmation they’ve been waiting so long for. Lionsgate has greenlit an ultra-high def 4K Blu-Ray release for the horror masterpiece in both Canada and the United States.

It’s set to hit stores and retail outlets everywhere September 25, 2018 – just in time to get into the Halloween spirit! In the meantime, web goers are busy drooling over the sleek cover art and sharing it across all their favorite social media platforms. Truly diehard fans are getting the jump on the inevitable retail rush by pre-ordering their personal copies online via Barnes & Noble, Diabolik DVD, and others as well.

The Carpenter-directed Halloween is widely considered to be the quintessential slasher film by fans of the genre. It was adapted from an original screenplay Carpenter himself wrote alongside producer, Debra Hill. Among others, the film made instant legends out of stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasance, Nancy Loomis, and P.J. Soles.

The plotline finds 21-year-old murderer, Michael Myers escaped and on the loose on the streets of his sleepy hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. He brutally butchered his teenaged sister back in 1963 and is back to kill again 15 years later. Will young Laurie Strode be able to survive the terror or will she wind up just another name on Michael’s kill list? Relive the horror this September.

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