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The Five Sexiest Dance Scenes in Horror

“Sexy” and “horror” aren’t usually two words associated with each other. But there’s definitely an allure of eroticism always hanging around the fringe of horror culture. Horror TV hostesses like Elvira and Vampira set the standard for se…

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Penguin Pete’s Top Ten Horror Movies Of All Time

The present author promised to explain the reasoning behind my Top-Ten list, so here it is.

Here at the Satellite of Love, I do a lot of horror reviews, so it’s helpful to you readers to get a feel for what *I* consider to be the perfect horror …

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10 Lesser Known Disturbing Horror Films

Sometimes lists of the best horror can get a bit repetitive. We know Saw is a bloody movie and we know Psycho is old and scary, but what about movies we haven’t already seen, dammit! “We want lists that actually inform us about movies we haven’…

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Clear Critique Lists Six “Actually Scary” Movies

The Clear Critique YouTube channel poses a common conundrum: The hardcore viewer that appreciates the artistic merit of horror, but isn’t actually *scared* by much. For those of us cursed with almost psychopathic levels of nerve, there just isn’t muc…

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Top 10 Legendary Horror Movie Kills

Horror movies are known for their gore and guts. Murder and mayhem are the norm. But only once in a blue moon (outside a Saw movie) are the kills truly unique. So today the AllHorror crew is counting down the Top 10 Legendary Horror Movie Kills.


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12 Horror Movies Perfect for Father’s Day

Fathers, their place in our lives is as varied as their place in horror movies. Sometimes they’re absent and sometimes they ruin our lives by chasing us and our moms around the Overlook Hotel with an ax. After careful observation I’ve found that …

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