A Supercut of Exorcist Head-Spin Parodies

The Exorcist is beyond a doubt one of the most famous horror movies ever made, widely considered to be one of the masterpieces of the horror genre. Even the Present Author’s recent review couldn’t find that much fault with it. It set the standard…

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Torture Porn In My Little Pony Fan Fiction

Here at the Satellite of Love, we denizens of dig deep to find you those undiscovered corners of horror fiction culture that the other horror blogs miss. And when we say “deep,” we mean “too deep,” in a way which tends to awaken…

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Vincent Price’s Sales Training Video for Sears, Roebuck and Co. Fine Art Collection

Vincent Price should be a man who needs no introduction on You’ve seen him as everything from the Abominable Dr. Phibes to the Witchfinder General, but have you seen his cultured side? It came out in conjunction one time with the sof…

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Music Corner – Black Sabbath (1963)

“Do YOU believe in ghosts?” So begins the trailer for the cheerfully spooky 1963 anthology film Black Sabbath, which is best known today as the inspiration for the band of the same name. The band was originally called Earth, but coming out of a c…

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Music Corner – Death Proof (2007) Lap Dance Scene

Great taste in soundtrack music is one of director Quentin Tarantino’s signature traits, and Death Proof (2007) continues the tradition. When you’re done re-playing the video and drooling over Vanessa Ferlito’s sexy gyrations, come back here.

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The Real Life Winchester Mystery House

The movie Winchester (2018) is about a firearm company heiress who fears the ghosts of all the people killed by the gun that made her fortune, so she consults psychics and begins building a vast house to appease the spirits. What many people don’t kn…

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13 Demons and RPG Satanic Panic

So a couple years ago saw the release of the movie 13 Demons, about a cursed RPG game played by some stereotypical gamer dudes, sort of like Jumanji meets Dungeons and Dragons. Now, while the present author swears on his extensive Magic: The Gatherin…

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VCR Horrors – The Harm of Horror Movies

This 20/20 news segment from 1987 “exposes” the many dangers horror movies had on our sweet dear children. It’s fun to look back at the level of people’s sensitivity only 30 years ago. It’s also funny to notice how the 20/20 crew had no familiarity w…

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A Nightmare on Elm Street NES Video Game – Full Playthrough

A Nightmare on Elm Street kicked off a new era of slasher horror back in 1984. Freddy and his fanatics were everywhere. By 1989 the NoES franchise was already up to it’s 5th sequel, The Dream Child, when Rare released the official Nightmare on Elm S…

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